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Kickstarting the Mill has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the restoration of history, believing in change, bringing the city more travelers from all around, creating more jobs and teasing your senses with fresh and tantalizing items. Find out how you can contribute and what rewards you earn.

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Why should you support THE MILL Project?

There are numerous reasons

The Mill is to be a Historic attraction for the city of Sauk Centre and for MN as a whole. The more people we get into town the Better. We want everyone involved and as many people in the loop as possible. We all try to capitalize in one form or another on the Historic aspect of Sauk Centre.  By adding another piece of accessible history to this town we continue the push forward to become more relevant in the tourism industry. Community involvement in this project can only help us in Sauk Centre.  With public backing, the project will have legs of its own and bring us all a common goal.

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The Plan

Raise $40,000 through Crowd Funding to purchase The Mill. We are using this website and GoFundMe as the resource to do so. Please consider a donation today and help us reach our goal.

If​ you prefer to donate offline, please mail a check or money order payable to: The Mill Project
432 1st Street S, Sauk Centre, MN. 56378

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